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Robert "Bobby" Putnam was a recurring character who appeared in Season Eight of Criminal Minds, specifically involved in the subplot of SSA Spencer Reid's relationship with Maeve Donovan.


Little is revealed about Bobby, other than he was Maeve's fiancé, but she called off the engagement due to his domineering nature. Prior to the events of "The Lesson", he had started dating Diane Turner, who was stalking Maeve (unbeknownst to him).

Season Eight[]

The Lesson[]

Bobby is seen near the end of the episode, when Reid, planning to meet up with Maeve at a diner, sees him there and believes him to be Maeve's stalker. He calls Maeve and tells her to leave, but when Reid walks up to Bobby, intending to confront him, it is revealed that it was a false alarm, as Bobby is meeting up with a friend.


In the episode, Bobby's relationship with Maeve is revealed. When Maeve is abducted by Diane, he is initially suspected of being behind her disappearance. However, after being interrogated by the BAU, during which Diane is present, he is cleared of any involvement. Later on, Diane dresses herself in Maeve's clothes. When he notices, she becomes angry and knocks him out by bashing his head with a wine bottle; she abducts him immediately afterwards. He is next seen being held captive with Maeve, and the both are threatened at gunpoint by Diane. Diane forces information about Reid out of Maeve by threatening to kill Bobby. After getting the information she wanted, Diane declares Bobby to be "superfluous" and kills him instantly by shooting him once in the head.