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"Blood Hungry" is the eleventh episode of Season One of Criminal Minds.


The BAU investigates a series of violent murders in which the killer engages in anthropophagy (cannibalism). Meanwhile, Gideon, having injured his leg, is forced to work with Garcia back in Quantico.

Full Summary[]

At a house, a boy is singing and a woman is playing piano.  Charlie, is asked to walk the boy, Wally, home after his lesson. Outside we get scattered views of the house.  Inside, while the woman is playing, the unsub goes to the house, breaks in, kills the woman.

At Quantico, they Tennesee had two homicides in the past two days.  First a man was stabbed, and a shotgun was stolen. The second victim was robbed, killed with a blunt object, and eviscerated.  Gideon comes in on crutches, saying that he was skydiving and will stay back and help from Quantico. 

At the second victim’s house, Elle and Reid are looking at the scene.  Reid mentions how the unsub didn’t come any closer than he had to.  There are two different profiles.  A psychotic, and a thief.  Elle says that Wally must have seen the unsub.  They have Wally brought over and Elle talks to him.  Wally recalls what he looks like. 

Back at Quantico, Gideon is in Penelope’s office.  She suggests that he could look at it in his office and get a fresh perspective.  He starts handing her stuff, and asking for reports and blueprints, quickly driving her up a wall.  She leaves her office. 

Morgan and Hotchner come to the station.  They find a suspect named Domino.  When they go to his house he’s in his underwear.  He tries to run, but Morgan chases him down.  They catch him and bring him to the station.  He admits that he was in the driveway, and thought about stealing the car but didn’t do anything.  Elle says that he was inside and the blood on his tread matches that at the scene of the crime.  He then admits that he came back and the unsub was leaving. 

In Garcia’s office, Gideon offers Garcia some of his Chinese, but she denies it. He sees the shape of the container stained the blueprints, and is transfixed as he recognizes the patterns. He realizes that the unsub is an anthropophagus and took the woman’s organs because he’s a cannibal. 

A fridge opens and there are containers  with blood. The unsub picks one up.  They go to the funeral of the first victim and look over potential suspects.  Their primary suspect is Oley Maynor.  They go to the butcher shop to see where he is.  He had been released from the mental hospital, and when a noise is heard in the back, they go to the freezer to call him out.  Morgan sees him with a meat hook. 

They get him out and sit him down to talk to him.  Oley didn’t want to come back home, but Jesse brought him there to live with him.  Oley is insistent that he goes to a special home and that he’s tired of hiding.  He pulls out a few strands of hair to prove that he’s been taking his anti-psychotics. 

In a home, Wally is singing for his grandmother.  She gets up to get him cookies.  But the unsub is at the house.  He kills Wally’s grandmother and comes for him, then abducts him.  When the team gets there, Wally’s mother shows up, hysterical.  Hotchner and Reid looks at the body while Elle talks to the mother.  The unsub took the heart. 

At Quantico, Gideon looks at a book, and compares the organs the unsub is taking to an angel, and draws a parallel to an article where a professor at Cambridge talks about how certain organs were viewed at points in time as the seats of the soul.  The team deduces that he took Wally and may see him as a Messianic figure.

At Charlie’s house, Charlie remains in the car, and opens the door to see a Tupperware with blood and an organ in it.  He calls the cops.  Hotchner sees that it’s a human stomach.  They figure that the unsub may be coming out of a delusion and feeling remorse, so they all look at churches the unsub may go to.  Morgan and Elle see a 72 Buick, and a man.  When they come at him, they see that he’s got blood on him.  He has a delusion during the arrest, and Elle has picks up a Tupperware of blood with another organ. 

He’s in a delusion as they lock him in a cell.  Mrs. Mayes is coming in as he won’t understand his rights, and they need to inform someone.  She agrees to sign a consent form so they can give him anti-psychotic meds and become more lucid. 

Morgan and Elle visit the Mayes home and smell bleach when in a utility room.  The fridge is empty and there’s dried blood on the floor when they move the fridge.  Meanwhile, Hotchner goes to talk to Eddie, the unsub after he’s received an injection.

When he and Reid talk to Eddie, he gets more agitated, having another breakdown. They leave the cell and he attempts to hang himself.  They talk to Eddie’s mother again, Mrs. Mayes, about how she wasn’t forthcoming about her son, and the blood in the utility room

When’s she’s not helping them, Morgan looks at the GPS in her Cadillac, a stop that happened half a dozen times off of route three. They decide to take Mrs. Mayes there.  Hotchner calls her out on how she was protecting her reputation and not Eddie, and Elle reminds her that she stopped at the property a lot.  

The cops show up with dogs, and Mrs. Mayes points them to the location where Wally was hidden; a shed with a lock on it.  When they get back to Quantico, Garcia is mad, with a box of Gideon’s stuff, saying that there are two more in her office. 

Hotchner promises to take care of it, and takes the box from Garcia.  Gideon is in his office and Hotchner tells him to send her a basket because he annoyed her.  They talk about Gideon’s list of things to accomplish before he dies, and Gideon says he’s done almost all of it.  Hotchner asks what’s next, and Gideon refers to his son, saying that he doesn’t want to hear from him.  He offers that he doesn’t know until he tries.

When Hotchner leaves, Gideon calls his son, and there seems to be a warm welcome as they talk.

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  • "This is My Father's World" by Maltbie Davenport Babcock
  • "Lux Aeterna" by Clint Mansell
  • "Lullaby" by Martyrs and Poets

Bookend Quotes[]

  • Jason Gideon: Harriet Beecher Stowe once said, "The bitterest tears shed over graves are for words left unsaid and deeds left undone."

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