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Phil didn't hire him. I did.

Betty Wilson is one of the clients of hitman Giuseppe Montolo, who appears in the Season Eleven episode "The Job".


Betty was happily married to Phil Wilson, a captain in a SWAT team in the Baltimore Police Department. The two tried to have children, both two attempts both resulted in miscarriages. As a result, Betty had to take painkillers to cope with the subsequent pain, and she subsequently became addicted to them. She sought out a drug dealer for stashes, but he made her do unspecified activities in exchange for the drugs, likely sexual exploitation given the connotations implied by her choice of words when confessing later. Disgusted by what she was doing, she eventually hired Giuseppe Montolo to kill the dealer, which was successful. However, Montolo reappeared in her life after he began seeking out former clients, trying to find the one who ordered a hit on him that resulted in a debilitating injury. When Phil became involved in the events, Betty had no choice but to explain to him what was happening.

The Job

Betty is first seen coming down to the basement when she hears a noise. As she investigates, Montolo corners her and points a gun to her head. Betty doesn't look at him and tells him that she was told to give him a file for his next target. Once he retrieves the file, Betty runs back upstairs, closes the door, and starts to cry. Later on, she takes Montolo to a house in Charlottesville, Virginia, where Montolo's next target lives. After the murder, the two drive back home. When Montolo leaves the basement, Betty asks him if he is leaving, but he doesn't respond. Later, when Phil comes home, she tells him that everything is going to be okay now that Montolo is gone. However, he appears behind Phil, points a gun to his head, and drags him back to his car. Afterwards, Rossi and a SWAT team burst into the home. Rossi asks Betty where her husband is; she replies that she doesn't know, only that he left with Montolo, and reveals that she is the one that hired him, not Phil (as the BAU previously believed). Betty tells Rossi about her past and how she met Montolo. She then apologizes and starts to cry. She is presumably incarcerated for her criminal activities afterwards.

Known Victims

  • Unspecified date in 2012: Unnamed drug dealer (hired Montolo to kill him)