Beth Griffith is a BAU Special Agent.


Beth has worked for several anti-terrorism teams specializing in domestic terrorism and fringe activist movements. According to Cooper, she was kicked off those teams for her brashness. She is strong-willed and outspoken.


  • Like Garofalo, the actress who portrays Beth, she is most likely an atheist, due to the comments she makes about religious perpetrators. (Here is the Fire)
  • Beth is the only member of Cooper's team who did not appear in the backdoor pilot, The Fight.
  • Beth takes herbal vitamins. (Here is the Fire)
  • Beth took part in the D.C. Sniper investigation. During the spree, the killers called the investigators on three occasions, but they were dismissed as prank calls. Beth tried to convince the police that the linguistics of the calls were consistent, but by the time anyone realized that she was right, she had already been fired. (Nighthawk)
  • She is the newest member of Cooper's team.
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