Don't thank me. Thank your partner. He did it all.

Ben Abner was a terrorist, cop killer, bomber, and mass murderer who was a member of a terrorist cell. He appeared in the Season Four episode "Mayhem".


Not much is known about Abner, and even the legitimacy of his name is put into question. What is known is that he works as a paramedic and therefore was chosen by the terrorist cell to assassinate the U.S. government official they were targeting, who was hospitalized in the same hospital he worked at.


Abner is first seen when he drives his ambulance past a police barricade that is set up in fears of an ambush bombing and arrives at the scene of an SUV bombing that injured Hotch and severely wounded SSA Kate Joyner, both of whom are investigating the terrorist cell along with the rest of the BAU. Abner takes them to a nearby hospital, which is currently closed off by Secret Service agents guarding the government official. Hotch convinces the agents to let the ambulance enter, and doctors attend to Joyner while Abner goes missing. The rest of the BAU arrive at the hospital and eventually deduce the cell's real target, as well as Abner being the one with the responsibility of detonating a bomb in the hospital. Abner goes to the garage with the bomb, killing four Secret Service agents along the way, and loads the bomb into his ambulance. Morgan, however, manages to steal the ambulance and drive away from the hospital. Distraught at his failure, Abner detonates the bomb anyway, but Morgan is able to jump out of the ambulance after taking it into an empty area. Immediately after, Abner commits suicide by slashing his throat with a knife.

Modus Operandi

Abner Gun

Abner shoots up the hospital with his Beretta.

During Abner's known killings, he repeatedly shot his victims, four Secret Service agents, with a 9mm Beretta 92FS handgun. He then attempted to detonate a bomb that was loaded inside an ambulance vehicle, but the attack failed when Morgan took the bomb into an empty park.

Known Victims

  • May 21, 2008:
    • The hospital shooting and attempted bombing:
      • Abner shot and killed all of the following:
        • Colm Lagan
        • Three other unnamed Secret Service agents
      • Abner intended to blow up the following:
    • Derek Morgan (attempted to blow him up, but failed)


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