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The Criminal Minds cast and crew have been getting Twitter accounts lately, and have been using them to post small glimpses of the set while filming the series, and answering questions from their followers or just chatting with them.

Through these photos can be seen what has been reported to be one of the friendliest and funniest set to work in, as they show a group of good humored and down to hearth people unafraid to let others see their good natured personalities.

Thanks to these postings we get to virtually meet the members of the crew whose hard work make possible for such a complex show to come to life with accurate realism.

And through these behind the scenes pictures can be seen too the startling differences between the characters, nearly always serious, burdened and even overwhelmed by the dark themes portrayed, and the actors that play them, thus being very telling examples of the high quality of the work they accomplish on a daily basis.

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Behind each of the clapper-boards are hidden the images corresponding with the dates they bear. Have fun!