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Dr. Landman

Dr. Barry Landman is an incidental character who was briefly a suspect for Phillip Dowd's shootings. He appeared in the Season One episode of Criminal Minds, "L.D.S.K."


Landman's early years are never described. He studied at the military police school in the U.S. Army before getting his medical degree. He then became a doctor in the Special Forces. Following his discharge in 2001, he worked at various hospitals over the years. Landman was a narcissist of extreme proportions with an obvious God complex, which was evident even during his work.


A month prior to Dowd's sniper attacks, Landman missed a chance to become Chief of Surgery at a Des Plaines hospital. When it becomes clear that the shootings were a form of "hero homicide", in which the unsub intentionally wounded people so he can save them later on, Landman became a very viable suspect due to his narcissistic personality. He treats one of the victims, extracting a bullet from his spine. Gideon questions him and deduces that, even though he had one of the worst cases of narcissistic personality disorder he had ever seen, Landman is not the shooter since he has the power over life and death that comes with his job and the killer was profiled to be compensating for his own lack of power. It is later deduced that Dowd is the sniper. Landman was not seen for the rest of the episode.