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Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by impaired social skills and repetitive behaviors.


Someone afflicted with Autism may have impaired social skills, such as a lack of empathy, failure to form bonds with others, inability to discern emotions, or lack of eye contact. They also display obsessive and repetitive behaviors and strict routines. They may fixate on a particular aspect of something without having any actual interest in whatever it may be (such as obsessively remembering camera model numbers while not being into photography). The exact cause and mechanism behind Autism is unknown, but it is highly believed to be genetic and environmental. There has also been debate about whether or not Autism actually leads to crime.

On Criminal Minds[]

The following characters have or may have Autism:

  • Spencer Reid - Reid displays characteristics of AS, such as his long-winded commentaries and failures to pick up on certain social ques.
  • Braden Acklin ("Through the Looking Glass") - A boy who was abducted along with his family by serial killer Arthur Rykov, he was tutored for his condition by a woman who his father had slept with twice and who was later killed by Rykov.
  • Asher Douglas ("The Storm") - The son of serial killer Antonia Slade and unwitting proxy for The Virginia Anarchists, he suffered from AS. His condition was later deduced by Reid.

Real people[]