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In my world, there is no such thing as a control problem. There is controlled... and there is dead.

Arseny Lysowsky[2] (Russian: Арсений Лысовский) is a Russian international proxy killer and gangster and the father of Lyov Lysowsky who appeared in the Season Two episode of Criminal Minds, "Honor Among Thieves".


Born in Dolgoprudnyy, Russia on October 12, 1940, Arseny was thought to be a lifelong criminal, at some unknown point spending twenty-three years in four remote prisons in Perm, gaining a number of tattoos during his time there. In 1960, Arseny married a woman named Katya Fulenko, who died two years later, though not before giving birth to a son, Lyov. Due to becoming a member of the Russian mob, which didn't allow its members to have families, Arseny could not acknowledge Lyov's existence. At some point, Arseny legally immigrated to America and set up shop in Baltimore, Maryland. In 2006, Lyov went rogue, committing a number of mutilation kidnappings. Arseny always reluctantly paid them, unable to admit he was not in control of the situation, or even that he had a son.

Honor Among Thieves[]

In the episode, Arseny first appears to offer help to Natalya Chernus, breaking her father out from Lyov's hands. But, since she is actually allied with Lyov, she refuses, making Arseny look like the villain. He later pays the ransom despite what Natalya says. Arseny is visited at his "headquarters" by the BAU. Gideon attempts to get information about Lyov's abduction ring, but Arseny informs him that FBI interference is unnecessary, saying, "We take care of our own troubles.” Meanwhile, at the abductors' hideout, Lyov attempts to kill Mr. Chernus, but Russian mobsters sent by Arseny, who is no longer willing to tolerate Lyov’s activities, arrive and kill Lyov and Natalya whilst rescuing Chernus. The couple’s bodies are then dismembered and thrown off a pier in garbage bags.

Modus Operandi[]

Arseny had his mobsters kill his son and Natalya by shooting them and then ordered their bodies to be dismembered, the body parts put in bags, and dumped off of a bridge. It is assumed that he had other people killed by his mobsters under his orders.

Known Victims[]

  • Unspecified dates: Presumably numerous other victims by proxy
  • April 4, 2007: Lyov Lysowsky and Natalya Chernus (both shot and dismembered post-mortem Arseny's mobsters)
    • Lyov Lysowsky (his son)
    • Natalya Chernus (Lyov's girlfriend)



  1. The Slavic equivalent of "Godfather".
  2. Name is alternatively spelled as Arzeny or Arznei, depending on the source. Spelling in Russian Cyrillic script: Арсений Лысовский, written as "Arseniy Lysovskiy" in English.