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You should want to marry me. I am strong. I will protect you.

Antonio Cayetan was a delusional and cannibalistic serial killer, serial rapist, stalker, and abductor who appeared in the Season One episode of Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, "Love Interrupted".


On April 21, 2012, Cayetan's wife Rosa was killed in a car accident that occurred by a local bay, in which her vehicle fell into the water and she drowned. It was caused by a tourist couple who were on their honeymoon. As a result, he closed down his butcher shop and began working at a rental car company catering to tourists. He eventually developed a delusion in which he was an Aztec warrior raising children with multiple wives. As a result, Cayetan began abducting tourist couples; killing the husbands; cannibalizing their hearts, hands, and feet; and keeping the wives for himself. By the events of the episode, he had attacked two couples, killing the husbands and holding their wives captive, raping them repeatedly, and fathering one daughter with one of the women, while the other was pregnant and nearly due to give birth.

Love Interrupted

In 2016, Cayetan sets his sights on another couple, John and Sue Davis. When the couple is alone in the middle of the road one night, Cayetan rams them with his truck, abducts them, and takes them to his residence. When they both regain consciousness, Cayetan appears and slashes John's throat, killing him. Afterwards, Sue manages to break free, but Cayetan reappears and knocks her out. Later, after cooking John's body parts and puts them in a barbecue, Cayetan greets Sue when she regains consciousness, telling her that they will be married. When Sue is confused, Cayetan tells her that he is strong and he will protect her. Sue asks Cayetan what he did to John, then finds out that he is eating his body parts, horrifying her. Sue tries to escape, but finds Cayetan's other captives in the process. Monika's daughter runs over to Cayetan, who introduces her to Sue as another "mommy".

The following night, the International Response Team show up at Cayetan's residence, having identified him as the unsub. However, his dog alerts him to their presence. Cayetan gives Sue a cup full of poison and tells her, "It's time to go to a better place." Cayetan then communicates with his daughter and other captives in Spanish, telling them that "it's time to go to heaven". The IRT breach the room they are in, just as the captives ingest the poison and pass out. Garrett confronts Cayetan as he holds his daughter hostage, saying that they can keep his family safe; he replies that he is the only one who can protect his family. Angered by his actions, Garrett begins to insult Cayetan, saying that he is not a man, and that he is weak, a fake, and a failure. Cayetan bursts into a rage and aims a handgun at Garrett, but Simmons shoots him in the stomach, and he dies from his gunshot wound. Afterwards, Sue is rescued, while the other captives are cured of their poison, which had apparently been ineffective.


The unsub is a male, mission-oriented anger-excitation killer aged in his mid-30s. He targeted the Davis' with the intention to ritualistically kill the husband, which is in step with the Mayan (later revealed to be Aztec) rules of engagement with other warriors. His need to remove the hands and feet of his male victims is all part of a premeditated delusion. He is sadistic and his crimes are fueled by his fantasies of modeling himself after a traditional Mayan warrior (later revealed to be an Aztec warrior). Through these delusions, he is building confidence and adding credence to his fantasy, which is a form of association and detachment that allows him to justify his actions. His social skills suggest he could be employed and living a normal life. He redressed John Davis after killing him; though it could be out of remorse, that contradicts the brutality of his kills, meaning it is more likely to be either a compulsion or part of his ritual. He was later revealed to be a|Mestizo, because the Aztecs were from Mexico and not Belize, who is skilled with knives, and had direct interaction with his victims before abducting them.

Modus Operandi

Cayetan targeted couples who were on the honeymoon in Belize and rented cars that came from his workplace. He would track them down using the vehicles' GPS devices and blitz-attack them on the road by smashing into them using a battering ram tied to the bumper of his car, the latter being a reference to his wife's car crash. He would abduct them and take them to his home, where he would chain the wives to a support beam in his basement and tie the husbands by their wrists and ankles to a chair. He then killed the husbands by slashing their throats with a machete, which he then used to cut off their hands and feet. He also removed their hearts, then cooked and consumed all of the body parts as part of an Aztec ritual in which husbands' body parts would be eaten to make the warriors gods.

The bodies of the husbands would be then redressed in their own clothes, weighed down, and dumped in the same bay Rosen and her car fell into after the crash, after which he would call a tow-truck service to dispose of the couples' rental cars. He would hold the wives captive in his home, where he would rape them repeatedly until he impregnated them and have them care for the children they gave birth to. He would always attack his victims in October since it was when the Day of the Jaguar, a holiday in which the Aztecs believed it was a great day to do battle, occurred.

When the authorities began to close in on him, Cayetan forced or attempted to force his captives to ingest a poisoned drink. However, the unidentified (and apparently homemade) poison was ineffective and failed to kill any of them. He then attempted to shoot Garrett with a 9mm IMI Jericho 941 pistol.

Real-Life Comparisons

Cayetan may have been inspired from Adolfo de Jesús Constanzo - Both were Hispanic serial killers and abductors who included elements of Aztec ritual sacrifice and dismemberment into their killings, and mixed beliefs from religions both native and non-native to their area (Cayetan mixed Belizean Mayan and Mexican Aztec beliefs; while Constanzo performed Afro-Caribbean Voodoo and Palo Mayombe rituals), and both ordered their followers to commit suicide when their hideouts were raided by law enforcement and were later fatally shot. Their names also seem to slightly mirror each other.

Cayetan also has other similarities to Ariel Castro - Both were Hispanic serial rapists who were set off by the loss of their longtime partners, pre-selected their victims, used their vehicles to get them, and abducted three women and kept them chained by the waist in the basements of their two-story homes surrounded by a metal fence and guard dogs. They kept their victims in the basement until they decided to take them upstairs, where they were allowed limited freedom even though many rooms and all ways out were padlocked. Their victims developed Stockholm Syndrome over time, and both fathered one daughter with one of their victims, who was raised in captivity in the same house but was not abused otherwise. Their names also seem to slightly mirror each other.

Known Victims

  • October 12, 2012: Colin and Trish Jackson:
    • Colin Jackson (killed)
    • Trish Jackson (abducted, held captive, raped repeatedly, and forced to ingest poison; was rescued on October 6, 2016, and cured)
  • Early October 2015: Annouk and Monika Mikkelson:
    • Annouk Mikkelson (killed)
    • Monika Mikkelson (abducted, held captive, raped repeatedly, impregnated, and forced to ingest poison; was rescued on October 6, 2016, and cured)
  • 2016:
    • October 4: John and Sue Davis:
      • John Davis (killed)
      • Sue Davis (abducted and attempted to force her into ingesting poison; was rescued two days later)
    • October 6:
      • His unnamed daughter (attempted to force her into ingesting poison)
      • Jack Garrett (attempted to shoot)