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Andrew Mendoza is a recurring character in Seasons Fourteen and Fifteen of "Criminal Minds". He is presented as a love interest for Emily Prentiss.


Little is known of his past except that he has an ex-wife and a daughter who used to live in Colorado.

Season Fourteen[]

Twenty Seven[]

Mendoza is the Special Agent-in-Charge of the FBI's Washington, D.C. Field Office. He's shown to be the one in charge in the investigation of a series of machete attacks in the District occurring every twenty-seven minutes. He works alongside the BAU and especially Unit Chief Emily Prentiss. While in the case he trades himself for a woman who was taken hostage by the UnSub and is attacked by him, Emily saves his life. Later in the hospital, he asks Emily on a date.

Flesh and Blood[]

After postponing it five times by Emily's part, they have a date. The date is in her apartment and when Andrew arrives, he finds Emily cooking and with comfortable clothes. The cooking doesn't result, so they order a pizza. The evening is interrupted by a case.

When the case is over, he meets with Emily for breakfast in her apartment. Although she has cooked, they kiss and leave the food for later.

Season Fifteen[]


Mendoza is now the head of Denver's Field Office and keep his relationship with Emily as a long-distance one. They have struggled with the relationship, but Andrew wants to make it work. In the end, he is having dinner with his daughter and Emily shows up in his place. They make amends and Keely and Emily first meet.

And in the End...[]

He appears in the party that Rossi throws for Penelope. He and Emily are now looking for a house in Denver though she would still keep her apartment in D.C. for comfort.