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Agent Amanda Gilroy is an incidental character who appeared in the Season Two episode of Criminal Minds, "P911" as an agent working at the Crimes Against Children Unit.


Very little is known about Amanda's background. Due to her knowledge on Charlie Sparks's case, it can be presumed she worked on his original case and has been at the Crimes Against Children Unit for at least a year.


At the Crimes Against Children Unit in College Park, Maryland, Amanda Gilroy is at her computer, 'fishing' in an online chatroom for pedophiles. Through a user called "Hugz," Amanda is sent a video of a young boy. She identifies this boy as "Peter," a child who the Crimes Against Children Unit had discovered a year ago but was unable to locate, and quickly informs Katherine Cole of her discovery. Under the instructions of Katie, Amanda continues to pose as a pedophile and messages "Hugz," asking for more information on "Peter." Through a link that "Hugz" sends Amanda, the Crimes Against Children Unit discovers that "Peter" is being auctioned on a website titled Fantasy Land. After being instructed by Katie, Amanda calls Aaron Hotchner, asking for the BAU's help.

Later, Spencer Reid and Elle Greenaway arrive at the Crimes Against Children Unit. Amanda introduces herself, urging the two to make themselves at home. She works with Spencer and Elle, providing them with information and helping to identify and locate "Hugz" and "Peter." She realizes that "Peter" has everything he needs in the enclosed room, so he'll never have to leave, and that someone is giving "Peter" instructions off-camera.

After the auction on "Peter" has ended, who the BAU found out is actually named Charlie Sparks, Katie calls Amanda and tells her to find the original files on Charlie's case and to contact Penelope Garcia. Amanda calls Penelope and frantically searches the files in Katie's office. Amanda provides Penelope with the names and DOBs of the original suspects, helping to identify Charlie's captor.

With the help of Amanda and Penelope, the BAU and Katherine Cole are able to successfully locate and save Charlie, and arrest his kidnapper, Michael Earlson.