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Aiden Keller was an "injustice collector"-type enucleator and possible budding spree killer who appeared in the Evolution episode "Contagion".


During his youth, Aiden was involuntarily committed to a reform school called the Stuart House, where he was subjected to sexual and physical abuse by staff. One day, he removed the eyeballs of an orderly who'd molested him and was arrested as a result. All of the records of abuse at the Stuart House were eventually covered up.

On January 9, 2023, he checked himself in to a mental health facility after he reported "hearing voices", where he remained for the next 30 days. After being released, Aiden began targeting staff who'd worked at the Stuart House, abducting Carol and Timothy Leo and holding them at the site of the school, which had been abandoned in 2015.



The BAU then break in, having figured out his location. Aiden scrambles back and holds Nancy at knifepoint, yelling that they don't understand and that they don't know what they did. Prentiss reassures him and asks him to tell them about Gold Star. Realizing that they are oblivious, Aiden prepares to cut Nancy's throat and is shot in the head by Rossi, killing him instantly.

Modus Operandi[]


Known Victims[]

  • Unspecified date: An unnamed orderly (removed their eyes; it is unknown if they survived)
  • 2023, February:
    • Provo, Utah: Caroline and Timothy Leo (dumped at a local camp site)
      • Timothy Leo (removed his eyes and shot in the chest)
      • Caroline Leo (shot in the chest)
    • Salt Lake City: Nancy Daley (abducted, tied up, electrocuted, and attempted to slash her throat; was rescued)