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What do you know about how she was recruited to the FBI?
Fuchs to JJ and Prentiss in "Penelope"

Agent Adam Fuchs is a minor recurring character who appeared in Seasons Three and Ten of Criminal Minds.


No specific information has been disclosed about Fuchs' history. What is known is that he was an FBI agent, working in the Internal Affairs division that investigated other agents suspected of breaking laws while on the job.


Fuchs is selected to supervise the investigation of Garcia following her shooting at the hands of Deputy Jason Clark Battle. The investigation ensues after it is discovered she was looking into cases Battle was involved with without approval or supervision, which was a breach of FBI policy. When the other members of the BAU protest against the IA investigation, Fuchs reveals to them that Garcia was a criminal hacker prior to being hired by Hotch in 2004 during a case. As the investigation proceeds, he is antagonistic towards the team.

Later, he gets into contact with Battle himself and tells him about Garcia looking into his cases. Seeing this as a chance to divert attention away from his crimes, Battle has Fuchs escort him into the BAU headquarters in Quantico. There, they meet up with Kevin Lynch, who recognizes Battle as Garcia's shooter, as do the team.[1] As Kevin deletes files relating to Battle at the Deputy's request, while Hotch and Rossi pretend to be oblivious to Battle, Fuchs is the only one who is unaware of the true situation.

Fuchs held at gunpoint.

When Battle realizes what is going on, he holds Fuchs hostage with a Beretta 92 as the agents confront him. Rossi and Hotch distract Battle long enough for JJ to sneak up behind him and shoot him between the eyes, killing him and rescuing Fuchs. As the scene is cleaned up, Fuchs is seen traumatized by the standoff. Afterwards, Fuchs's investigation into Garcia appears to be closed, with the latter summarily being absolved of any suspicion and reinstated.

Rock Creek Park

After Sophie Troy, the wife of Congressman Benjamin Troy, is abducted through the arrangement of Dinah Troy, Fuchs helps the BAU tracked down two suspects with ties to Russian organized crime. He then allows the BAU to assist in the Internal Affairs' investigation as long as their efforts don't intervene with theirs.



  1. Garcia earlier confirmed to them that Battle was directly responsible for her shooting