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"About Face" is the sixth episode of Season Three and the 51st overall of Criminal Minds.


The BAU travels to Dallas to assist in the search for a murderer who scares his victims with "missing" flyers that display the soon-to-be victims' photos. Also, SSA David Rossi returns to the BAU from retirement.

Guest Cast

  • Jayne Atkinson - FBI Section Chief Director Erin Strauss
  • Jon Barton - SWAT Leader
  • Andrew Kavovit - Max Poole
  • Tarri Markel - Enid White
  • Kelly McCracken - Lieutenant Price
  • Elimu Nelson - Detective Bowie
  • Michael O'Neill - Detective Frank Yarborough
  • Kelli Kirkland Powers - Abbey Roxford
  • Sandra Dee Robinson - Michelle Colucci
  • Robert C. Sloan - Uniformed Officer

Referenced Criminals


  • "Home" by Chris Daughtry

Bookend Quotes

  • Aaron Hotchner: Erasmus wrote, "What else is the whole life of mortals but a sort of comedy, in which the various actors, disguised by various costumes and masks, walk on and plays each one his part, until the manager waves them off the stage?"


  • This episode marks the first appearance of Joe Mantegna as David Rossi.
  • In his first scene on the show, Rossi shoots a duck while out hunting. According to the writers, the scene had a special meaning, since Gideon, whom Rossi replaced, was an avid bird lover.
  • During Rossi's flashback while aboard the BAU's jet, a few brief scenes from the episode Natural Born Killer are reused when Vincent Perotta killed Helen and William DiMarco in their bathroom.

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